New Patients


When you register as a new patient, we have a packet of information to give you containing our privacy policy, a record release form to obtain your prior records, and a history form to fill out ahead to help your first visit be more efficient. Copies of these forms are also available on this website on the Resources page. Because it may take a long time to obtain records from prior providers, we encourage you to send record releases as soon as possible. You must change your provider listed with your insurance before your appointment or you may be responsible for any charges resulting from the visit. 

New Patient Visits

After you have notified any insurances of your new provider, our responsibility for your medical care begins when you have your first visit with us.  New patient visits are important to record your past medical history, review your family history and other risk factors, identify priority healthy screening needs, and establish a revisit schedule. Unless you have no significant medical problems, we encourage you to schedule your first physical after this new patient visit rather than at the same time. If you have not been seen for an appointment in three years, you are considered a new patient.

Waiting List

Because our practice has been in high demand, at times our patient load is full. During these times, we keep a waiting list so that, should future patient loads allow or should we be able to recruit another physician to our area, we will be ready to extend you an invitation. You can email us on the Contact Us page if you would like to be a new patient or be added to the waiting list; please include your address and phone number in the message.

New Patient Exceptions

Keeping families together in one medical home is one of our strengths. Even when the practice is full we accept new patients who live in the same household with current patients. We also take on newborns born at Wyoming County Community Hospital, and accept women who are pregnant or planning pregnancy who would like us to provide their obstetric care if they are not high risk. We rotate obstetric appointments during your pregnancy between the three doctors so that you can feel comfortable that whichever doctor is on call for your delivery will know you and your pregnancy. Call if you have a question about these criteria.



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