Our Office and Map

We are located in the Perry Medical Center.
From the main street in Perry (Route 39) at the Fire Department turn onto Gardeau Street. We are at the end of the street, where it turns into Handley Street and meets Middle Reservation Road. 
 When you arrive:
  • Sign in on the list at the second window on the left.
  • Leave your urine sample in a labeled cup if you are coming for a physical, obstetric visit, or urinary problem.
  • Invite whomever you would like into the exam room with you, keeping in mind that your privacy may be compromised and that as the patient, this is primarily your time to speak and ask questions. However, you may want family assistance to help explain your problems. 
  • We encourage parents to leave the exam room for part of an adolescent's visit to allow them time for private questions. Parents may want to discuss ahead of time with teens if their child would prefer them to be present for the exam portion of their visit or not.
  • You are welcomed to request a nurse or a family member to be with you during your exam. We want you to feel safe and comfortable.
  • Gowns open in the back to assist in the back skin and lung exam for physicals. A white sheet is provided to cover you while your front is being examined. If you are not too cold, remove your shoes so your socks can be removed for physicals and diabetes checks as the foot exam is helpful.
  • Pay your co-pays and other due amounts at the cashier's window as you leave.
  • Be sure your encounter form has the correct address, phone number, and insurance information so we can contact you with your results of tests and referral arrangements.

Letchworth Family Medicine, Perry Medical Center

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