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Mary Fridley

Mary Fridley

Barb Cartwright

Wendy James
Connie Richards
Connie Richards

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Hannah Navarro

Julianne Day

Darcy Hatch
 Mary Richards

Nancy Minster

Julie Grover

Tom Reagan

Sharon Howden

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Dan Zerbe


  Amanda Claxton

 Rod Logan

Jennifer Webber

Jennifer Webber

Barb Strathearn





We are fortunate to have excellent staff, skilled in their work, and experienced in what they do. Since our staff is consistent, you get the advantages of having someone who knows you, your family, and your needs.
You may also see some unfamiliar faces--students.  We frequently host medical students and physician assistant students to pass on the profession that has been entrusted to us by our own mentors. You are welcome to decline seeing a student during your visit, but you will probably find that students will spend extra time and care in evaluating your concerns, and you will likely benefit from the extra thought and explanations invested in your visit.
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NameTitleYear EmployedArea
NameTitleYear EmployedArea
Mary Fridley AAS 2000 Medical Secretary 
Jennifer Webber AAS Health Information Technology 2013 Office Manager 
Julianne Day AAS in Business Administration 2016 Medical Secretary 
Wendy James AAS in Medical Administrative Assistant 2001 Medical Secretary, Billing, Referrals 
Ann Pettit AAS in Medical Administrative Assistant 2001 Medical Secretary, Referrals 
Donna Johnson AAS in Medical Secretary 2016 Medical Secretary, Data Coordinator 
Amanda Claxton AAS Medical Office Technology 2014 Medical Secretary, Referrals, Collections 
Sharon Howden BS 1985 Medical Secretary, Worker's Comp, Billing, Referrals 
Diane Thompson Certificate in Billing and Coding 2010 Medical Secretary, Referrals 
Connie Richards LPN 1998 Nurse 
Nancy Minster LPN 2007 Nurse 
Darcy Hatch LPN 1992 Nurse 
Barb Cartwright LPN 2013 Nurse 
Barb Strathearn LPN 2010 Nurse 
J Thomas Reagan MD 1980 Physician 
Rodney Logan MD 1981 Physician 
Daniel Zerbe MD, MTs 1997 Physician 
Hannah Navarro MSPAs, RPA-C 2015 Physician Assistant 
Julie Grover RN, FNP 1989 Nurse Practitioner 
Mary Richards RN, MS, NP 2011 Nurse Practitioner 
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