Family Medicine Opening: A Great Practice to Join!

posted Mar 5, 2012, 2:58 PM by Daniel Zerbe   [ updated Jul 20, 2017, 12:11 PM ]
Letchworth Family Medicine in Perry, NY is looking for a fourth family doctor. We are a full-spectrum small town family practice with a great staff in a wonderful community. We admit to Wyoming County Community Hospital, where Rod is a medical staff president and Tom is on the Board. Our practice is located near the edge of Letchworth State Park, but our bigger assets are the strong community support, the excellent reputation of the practice in the whole county, and the wholesome environment for raising a family.
As for scope of practice, we have great freedom, and each of us focuses on some different things.  Tom often muses about the connections between our patients, how his patient at Eastside Nursing Home is great grandmother to the baby he delivered last week, whose mother was one of his first deliveries here. He is medical director for the regional hospice. Rod is our local school physician and is working to expand medical care available to county residents.  Dan enjoys office procedures and has participated 
in missions trips, most recently to Kenya as a conference speaker and to Haiti after the  earthquake.
As for hobbies, Tom directs his church bell choir and has his photographs all over the walls of the hospital and office. Rod describes to us  in enthusiastic details the Italian meals he learned to make on a tour of Italy and puts lavish efforts into the annual office Christmas party.  Rod and Tom frequently mentor medical students and physician assistant students. Dan enjoys theology, school board work, is chair of the Village of Perry Tree Board and is active in church leadership. Tom built a cabin in the woods, Rod is still tweaking his house by a pond on the hill above Silver Lake, and Dan is glad to live right in the village where he can walk to the office, to church, and to Perry Central School. 
We hope this gives you a flavor of the practice.  We do OB, though it is not necessary that a fourth cover that. We understand that the scope of practice for rural primary care may be daunting, but we help each other learn, and the variety makes every day stimulating. Perry is a nice distance from Rochester and Buffalo, so that while our patients rely on us for most things, specialists are accessible to to them whenever necessary. We are an underserved area with no lack of patients.   Please browse our site to see what we have to offer. 

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